Samuel Miller District

The Samuel Miller District is one of six Magisterial Districts in Albemarle County:

  1. Rio
  2. Jack Jouett
  3. Samuel Miller
  4. Scottsville
  5. Rivanna
  6. White Hall

Samuel Miller District Map

The Samuel Miller District consists of the Ivy, Red Hill, East Ivy, County Green, Porters, and Yellow Mountain precincts. Polling places are displayed as green boxes on the map below. Click on the map to view a larger image. Directions to Samuel Miller District polling places can be found below.

Samuel Miller District

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Samuel Miller District Polling Places

Ivy Precinct
Meriwether Lewis Elementary School
1610 Owensville Road, Charlottesville, 22901
From Route 250 West, turn north at Duner’s Restaurant (Owensville Road). The school is located on the left side of the road a few miles up Owensville Road.
Red Hill Precinct
Red Hill Elementary School
3889 Red Hill School Road, North Garden, 22959
East of Route 29 South, just south of Sprouse’s Antique store. Turn onto Taylor’s Gap Road at the convenience store, the school is about 1 block east.
Important note for southbound drivers on Rt. 29: Do not turn left onto Red Hill Road or Red Hill School Road. Proceed south to Taylor’s Gap Road.
East Ivy Precinct
Miller Center
2201 Old Ivy Road, Charlottesville, 22903
Near train overpass on Old Ivy Road.
Voting takes place in the Forum Room.
There is an elevator for easy access, please follow the signs to the Forum.
Country Green Precinct
Berean Baptist Church
1284 Sunset Avenue Extended, Charlottesville, 22903
Located at the corner of Sunset Avenue Extended and Old Lynchburg Road.
Porter’s Precinct
Yancey Elementary School
7625 Porters Road, Esmont, 22937
Turn South off Route 6 (Irish Road) onto Porters Road. School is located on the left.
Yellow Mountain Precinct
Mt. Ed Baptist Church
1606 Craig’s Store Road, Afton, 22920
From the intersection of Dick Woods Rd (route 637) and Plank Road (route 692), travel southeast approximately 2 miles, to the town of Batesville. Turn right onto Craigs Store Road. Mount Ed Baptist Church is approximately .6 mile on the right.

Additional Polling Information for Samuel Miller District Voters